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Welcome to Jan Rifkinson's Bouvier des Flandres website

please... consider how much good it would do if -- every time you found this website useful, interesting, entertaining or comforting -- you donated just $1.00 to any of the bouvier rescue organizations listed below.  

Another way to help an unfortunate bouv in need is to buy some original bouv note or holiday cards. 100% of the profits from your purchase will be donated to the rescue organization (s) of your choice. click here.


 Bouvier rescue GroUPS 

Bouvier Befrienders
Bouvier & Friends of Florida
Second Chance Bouvs
British Bouv Rescue 

Ontario Bouv Rescue

American Bouvier Rescue League

                This bouvSite is  webmastered by
              Jan Rifkinson from Ridgefield CT

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